Friday, September 24

Versus XIII's Overhyped Conclusion

As far as I'm concerned we've been waiting for this game religiously for the past years yet we got nothing. Recently, however, SE showed a trailer of Versus's gameplay at TGS, and a leaked video of it can be found floating online.

Here's a good rant on SE's evil move. =)

Monday, September 6

Plasmacluster, welcome aboard!

A close-up look on the Sharp Plasmacluster small powered air-conditioner.

Despite having so many electrical devices in the room, my room has always been dark, secluded (it has its advantages...) and not to mention, hot. My fan has not been doing its job (at Speed 5 it spins normally but you could still track its movements with your eyes - it's that slow) and an additional stand fan proved to be pretty unhelpful too.

My last resort was an air-conditioner. 4 years ago when I had thought of the idea my parents quickly brushed the idea away, telling me over and over that if I were to install one (the price of the device is not the issue), I would have to pay my share of the electrical bill. Of course, I obediently obeyed the house rules.

Now comes 2010. The room got hotter with several new devices being updated, such as the Sony Bravia Television set which I purchased early this year. When you have a PC, two monitors, 2 subwoofers, a 32" television and 2 console game sets in your room, you seriously would start feeling the heat.

In fact, I installed a UPS with a surge protector in order to prevent disastrous events which could be claimed, originating from my room (that is, my room as the source) from happening.

After much consideration and discussion, I opted for a Sharp Plasmacluster 1 (or is it 1.5?) horse-powered air-conditioner. Due to the fact that my room was pretty far from the outside, allowing the wiring and tube to flow outside to the compressor was no easy task. At least not for myself. But after 2 /12 hours or putting those electrical components together, as well as installing a modified switch near the room's main power socket, the air-conditioner installation has been completed successfully.

In fact, this came as a surprise. Never has this number reached this small before (except that one time when I placed it inside the freezer to test if it was legitimately working).

Anyway, it's nice to be feeling cool, I uhh mean cold, obviously. While not mentioning anything about paying electrical bills, I should not be too keen on seeing my old man's face when the next month's electrical bill arrives. Oh wait, I'll probably not be around. Fuh. Safe.

Thursday, September 2

Backing up the PS3 - complications and dilemma

I thought that the 7th Gen console from Sony could prove that it is one click away to backup any data for formatting and upgrading purposes. I'm referring to the hard disk drive (HDD) for the console. Here's my story.

After discovering that the PS3 only reads FAT32 formatted drives, I needed to reformat my NTFS formatted external drive to FAT32. However, Windows does not allow an external hard drive that exceeds 32GB to be formatted into FAT32, through Window's traditional formatting option. Therefore, I made some research and stumbled across this software. GuiFORMAT does the job for you, and it does it fast.

Once formatted, the trick is that I had to now backup my data from my PS3 to the external as it now recognizes the drive. After some time has passed and carefully reading through a few guides such as this one (which I found useful for any PS3 owners who wish to upgrade their HDD), the PS3 will let you know how much is backed up. Backup files include everything you have on your hard disk drive, including your save data, demos, PSN files, etc. I heard it does not backup account information so better have that written somewhere if not in your head.

Once done, I should begin upgrading my HDD. I like this easy to follow video tutorial at youtube. Happy upgrading!

Friday, July 2

20 years in the making

I've finally climbed away from my teen years to the stairway of maturity. Hopefully this will be a year to remember.

Thanks to all who are willing to spend much for my birthday. A small celebration means a lot. I deeply appreciate it. For album and photos, my facebook album should contain 'em. I'll add my facebook page on the navigation panel immediately after this. =)

Thursday, June 24

Famitsu's Full Scans on Square's Games

A few scans of Famitsu's recent release showed us some of Square's biggest and unexpected titles to be released sometime next year and in the near future (hopefully).

I'm most excited of both The Third Birthday and Final Fantasy Versus XIII, however the former is only on PSP so, well, I'm kind of ignorant when it comes to hand-held consoles. Regardless, visit this link to see the full scans of all the games. They're raw and uncleaned so, well, they aren't too detailed.

Wednesday, June 23

Microsoft Kinect and E3 2010

Hehe. Let's just say 3D technology as well as motion detection technology are taking over our traditional days of gaming; at this rate, our children and our future wouldn't be able to experience gaming at the decent level that we've experienced.

But, whatever.

Look into this article to see just how that Kinect works as well as some ranting on E3's apparently boring conference.

Saturday, June 19

Twisted Metal for the PS3 (exclusive) announced!

Came out as an unknown demo of sorts, this time we get multiplayer (faction-based) deathmatches with several rules that can be set-up by the host or leader.

The following video (about 26 minutes) will show you guys how the game works. Kudos to the dev team, finally another decent TM in a long run since Black!

Tuesday, June 15

Persona 4 Song Lyrcis FAQ update

I recently rushed through a playthrough off Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 for the PS2, having finished most of the games I have for the PS3 at the moment.

When I finally figured out why Persona 3 and 4 had a remarkable storytelling while maintaining a matching atmosphere each time, it is because of the amazing soundtrack, BGMs and battle themes that are truly noteworthy when comparing any JRPGs in recent times.

So I figured what the heck, I don't see a lyrics FAQ anywhere, so I decided to write one off the bat and finished it, eventually. You can find my FAQ at the Persona 4 FAQ page, or alternatively click on my contributions page on the right-hand corner of the blog.

Persona 4 FAQ page at

End of update, for now. =)

Thursday, June 10

Bigger than "Blu-Ray"

I suddenly had the urge to revive this blog. Go go go my bloggie!!!! Okayyy, now on to the main news. =)

In the picture above you will see the materialized form of one of Pioneer's boldest claims in recent memory: a 400GB optical disc, of 16 layers with a capacity of 25GB each.

What's missing from this equation is the word Blu-ray. In fact, yesterday at the IT Month Fair in Taipei, Taiwan, Pioneer was coy about not using the term Blu-ray at all when unveiling its newest disc, save for suffixing it to “16 times the storage of..."

It is because this is not a Blu-ray disc at all, this is a highly-condensed optical disc that the company proposed back in July and exhibited for the first time yesterday. Now Pioneer is making three new promises: the 400GB read-only disc will hit mass production sometime in 2010, rewritable versions will come through before 2012, and a 1TB version will become available within five years.

The consoles you have right now will not be able to play these discs. Numerous sources have reported that the disc is compatible with Blu-ray players (and therefore PS3s) already on the market. Speaking to Edge, Pioneer said the opposite was true. “Current BD players and drives would not be able to read these discs,” the company said, adding that the technology is “at this time not being proposed as a candidate for addition to the existing Blu-ray Disc format.”

However, the company went on to say that a firmware upgrade may allow Blu-ray players to read the disc, putting Sony’s PS3 straight into the spotlight as the likeliest device available today that could read them.

Read the full story here, and here.

Friday, January 1

2010 and New Year!

Basically the same thing as "Reviving the blog from its death" entry, happy new year to all my companions and alike! This ye would fill us with prosperity and more surprises than its 2009 counterparts!

Sunday, November 29

Tales of Neko 'D', the Tiger

This morning our cat, Neko the D caught and killed its second victim, or "prey", a 10 inch long "baby" snake (looks like a python-type) and left it to dry in the cold night's air, until it was recovered by my mother the next morning. Of course, I never forget to draw evidence to the story too.

You poor, poor snake.

2 thumbs up, Neko-D!


Friday, November 20

Haih... money lagi...

Approximately around 8.20am this Friday morning, I heard a loud bang in our toilet. It seems like there was some kind of explosion.

Here was the resultant force:

Of course, we have another toilet but seriously man... I can't help but laugh at my dad sighing...

Moral of the blog: Try to fix your human can ASAP when you notice the tank getting shaky.